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The patented headwear technology and the registered X Cap® trademark are both the property of Freetime 101. Since the very first prototype, X Cap® performance headwear technology has been revolutionizing the way people wear their caps. We take the same look and feel as the basic headwear sold on the market and increase the value and performance by the addition of our patented technology. No longer will you lose or damage your glasses and your cap.

Our goal was to provide consumers with a quality product that works great, looks and feels good, and at the same time provides a tremendous value.


After receiving:

  • An Editors Pick and product feature from Field & Stream magazine in the category of "BEST NEW PRODUCT FOR SPORTSMEN,"
  • A Feature in Golf Magazine calling the X Cap the "PERFECT PRESENT,"
  • And a feature write up from Pontoon and Deck Boat magazine calling the X Cap® "THE BEST NEW PRODUCT AT THE SHOW AND WORTH THE WHOLE TRIP TO VEGAS ALONE." 

We believe it's just a matter of time before all recreational and professional's are utilizing headwear with extractable eyewear technology. After all, if you aren't wearing your glasses, you can just hide or remove your retractors. By doing this, you are left with a regular hat. Now, for the same price as a regular hat of similar quality, why wouldn't you want the option of using your eyeglass attachments? Try one today.


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